Let me tell you how I’m doing

My good friend asked me today how I am doing and said that from the outside it seems that I found my inner harmony. And he is absolutely right.

After tumultuous 8 months of a roller-coaster life full of crippling emptiness, utter pressure, isolation and feeling lost, I can say that I finally found my groove back.

I have 2 homes, 2 happy places I am glad to be coming to and from.

I have the best partner in life and all adventures we face, who has never left my side and is my rock.

I have amazing friends who haven’t forgotten me (at least yet) and continue to be in my life and fill me with the purest joy.

I have a job which I love and I’m damn good at. Colleagues who value me not only as a coworker or function but also as a person.

I travel so much that sometimes I become sick of that. But I see the world and collect impressions which blow my mind.

Changes are never easy. Leaving people and things behind hurts. Learning how to live your life in a completely new way takes time.

But now I feel not only extremely lucky, but also content and happy. It all sounds easy and quite rational. But, oh my god, what a journey it has been…